Wedding Wednesday {Hot Air Balloon Table Numbers}

Those of you that love traveling, raise your hand. If you could see me right now, I have both hands raised high above my head, and I’m waving them with vigorously. That’s because I don’t just love traveling, I LUUUUUURVE it {Urban Dictionary breakdown for you: LUUUUUURVE = Love x 1000}! I wish I could travel to somewhere new and go on adventure after adventure at least once a month if not more. But, like everyone else, my life isn’t so glamorous. I do however, try to travel as much as possible, and I hope to keep it up after baby comes. I want the little one to love every part of this world as much as I do%wedding photographer %tmadison wedding photographer

So anywho, travel is what inspired this Wedding Wednesday post. I was looking around the interwebs for fun bridal shower ideas since my bestie is getting married this year, and I want to throw her an amazing shower! That’s when I stumbled upon this Hot Air Balloon post by Green Wedding Shoes. I feel in love with the hot air balloons as maybe not a total wedding theme but definitely something I’d incorporate into my wedding decor if the hubster and I ever decided to renew our vows%wedding photographer %tmadison wedding photographerAnd I got to thinking that something we could have definitely spruced up at our own shindig was the table numbers. I was so concentrated on the centerpieces that I totally spaced on table numbers. And in the end, we just used the plain jane number cards provided by our venue. So drab! So if we were to do it again, I’d make sure to turn that drab into fab {I always wanted to say that}! And I think these paper mache hot air balloons are the perfect way to do that!

To start, you’ll need some supplies:

1. A package of 12 inch balloons (you’ll need 1 balloon per table)

2. Old newspapers

3. 3 to 4 bottles of glue depending on the number of balloons you make

4. Scissors

5. A United States Road Atlas

6. Hot glue gun

7. 1.5 inch circle paper punch

8. Small paper cups

9. Craft paint in the colors you desire

10. Paint brush

11. 1/4 inch ribbon

12. 1/2 inch ribbon

13. Decorative trim

14. Small wooden dowels

15. Maps of places you and your fiance have visited togather

16. 4×6 pictures of you and your fiance at each vacation destination

Also, this project takes two days. So it isn’t something you can just throw together overnight. My day one started with making the paper mache base for the balloon.

%wedding photographer %tmadison wedding photographer

You’ll need a bowl to hold each balloon, plus a bowl for your glue mixture. For the glue I added 1 cup glue, 1 cup water, mixed it up, and I was ready to go. I also cut my newspaper into triangular strips so that once I placed it on the balloon, it wouldn’t get all lumpy from excess newspaper. But since this will be covered in map pieces, in the end the extra cutting didn’t really matter%wedding photographer %tmadison wedding photographer

%wedding photographer %tmadison wedding photographer

After you have your newspaper and glue mixture ready, you submerge each piece of newspaper individually into the glue mix, and then place the strips onto the balloon until it is covered. I covered my balloon with 4 layers of paper just so that it was super sturdy. %wedding photographer %tmadison wedding photographer

Then you repeat this with how ever many balloons you need, and let them all dry overnight. Warning: This is the Super Messy process of the whole project! I’d recommend having some girl friends over, corking some wine, popping in the Note Book, and get crafty with the ladies. It will make the process go a lot faster if you have some help%wedding photographer %tmadison wedding photographerAlso, on day one, I took a small paper cup, cut the top off, and painted it with my craft paint. This cup will be the bucket of the balloon. And I also let that dry overnight. Yes ladies, that is a Sponge Bob cup I used. What can I say, they were on sale at Target!

%wedding photographer %tmadison wedding photographerOn day two, after my balloon was dry, I popped the rubber balloon and removed it from the paper mache. I then cut an approximate 3 inch in diameter hole around the bottom of the balloon.

After that, I spent some time punching out 1.5 inch pieces of the US Road Atlas until I had around 100 pieces for my balloon.

%wedding photographer %tmadison wedding photographer

I then used a hot glue gun to affix the cut outs to the paper mache. Be careful here because you might end up burning yourself with molten glue like I did!

%wedding photographer %tmadison wedding photographerAfter you’ve covered the paper mache in a layer of map cut outs, you’ll need to get out your ribbon and trim. For each balloon you’ll need two 30-inch sections of 1/4 inch ribbon and one 30+ inch (depending on the height of your venue ceilings) section of the 1/2 inch ribbon. I also used little buttons to jazz up my balloon a little%wedding photographer %tmadison wedding photographer%wedding photographer %tmadison wedding photographer

With your hot glue gun, put a spot of glue on the very top and center of the balloon, then affix the 1/4 inch ribbon the that glue. Make sure you affix the ribbon with 15 inches on each side of the balloon. Repeat this step with the second 1/4 inch ribbon section at 90 degrees from the first. Then, proceed to glue the ribbon strips all of the way down the balloon, stopping at approximately 3 inches from the bottom opening.

%wedding photographer %tmadison wedding photographer

Then take your cup you painted the night before, and poke 4 holes around the top edge, each at 90 degrees from each other. Take your hanging ribbon strands and lace them through the holes on the cup. Tie a secure knot for each strand. Then take decorative trim, and cover the holes with it by securing the trim with hot glue.Also, feel free to add any extra embellishments at this point {like I did with the buttons}.

%wedding photographer %tmadison wedding photographerOnce that is finished, take some scissors, and punch a small hole through the top of the balloon. Also, take a 1.5 inch section if your wooden dowel, and affix the 1/2 inch ribbon to it with hot glue to make a loop. Once the glue is dry, shove the dowel through the hole to give you the loop to hang the balloon from%wedding photographer %tmadison wedding photographer

%wedding photographer %tmadison wedding photographerIsn’t she pretty and fun?!

%wedding photographer %tmadison wedding photographer

Now is where the map and pictures come in. I cut each map so that it was the same size as the 4×6 image that corresponded with the location.I then glued the map and picture together with hot glue and punched a hole through the top. I took 4 inches of the 1/2 inch ribbon, looped it through the picture/map, and then glued the ends on the bottom of the balloon “basket”.

%wedding photographer %tmadison wedding photographer

And then, bada bing, bada boom! I was done and had an awesome way to assign tables! No longer drab numbers, but awesome locations to direct people where to sit!

%wedding photographer %tmadison wedding photographer%wedding photographer %tmadison wedding photographer

I really hope to see some fun things like this in 2012! I just LUUUUUURVE it 😉 After I took these pictures, I thought of fun little things that could go inside the basket too like flowers, moss, Ken and Barbie%wedding photographer %tmadison wedding photographerI mean, you could just go wild!

Angela Martinsen is a Madison wedding photographer and Madison family photographer who loves to travel for weddings. She also runs the Bomb-Tastic Madison Photo Booth. If you like what you see, contact her {here}.


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